Contractors involved in the installation of heating systems within the flatted properties are encouraged to retrain local workers as central heating installers. The CHP projects have given them opportunities to use newly acquired skills.  This programme has been maintained through successive projects.

Achievements to date

So far, 2350 flats in 33 blocks have benefited from CHP heating installations along with 15 public buildings. Emissions of carbon dioxide from these buildings have been reduced by 45%. Heating costs to the tenants have been reduced by up to 50% and customer satisfaction surveys have indicated that tenants in the flats are very satisfied with their new heating.

Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen Heat and Power have together developed four CHP plants to date, which have received four high profile awards:

  • Increasing Environmental Sustainability – UK Housing Awards 2008 (two awards)
  • Outstanding achievement in Housing in the UK – COSLA Excellence 2008 silver award
  • Global District Energy Climate Award for Excellence for a small company 2013
  • VIBES Product or service winner 2015

Aberdeen Heat & Power has also on behalf of Aberdeen City Council recently completed seven stand-alone blocks with gas fired communal heating systems, which could later be linked to the wider district heating network.

New Subsidiary Company

At the end of 2013 District Energy Aberdeen Ltd (DEAL) was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of AH&P to enable commercial customers to be connected into the heat network. This is a profit making company, from which future profits will be transferred back to the parent company to help offset more of the capital costs of developments to achieve affordable heat pricing and further the aims of reducing fuel poverty.

The Future

These are exciting times in the development of District Heating within Aberdeen City. In the long term it would be intended to develop a “ring main” of multiple Energy Centres  around the city, to give added flexibility, economy and diversity.

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