About us

Aberdeen Heat & Power Ltd is a ‘not for profit’ company that was set up by Aberdeen City Council in 2002 to develop and operate district heating and CHP (Combined Heat & Power) schemes in their area.  The scheme has grown through the  development of four principal projects and now supplies around 2350 flats in 33 multi story blocks and 15 public buildings.  Carbon emissions from these buildings have reduced by 45% and typical fuel costs to tenants have been reduced by up to 50% over the previous electric heating systems.  Customer satisfaction surveys have indicated that tenants are very satisfied with the heating system.  The schemes have received four high profile awards – UK Housing Awards 2008 – Increasing Environmental Sustainability and Outstanding achievement in Housing in the UK and the COSLA Excellence 2008 silver award. In 2013 Aberdeen Heat & Power won a prestigious award for Excellence from Global District Energy Climate Awards, and in 2015 we were very proud to win a VIBES (Vision In Business Environment Scotland) Award  under the category of Product or Service. 

The Company continues to develop their District Heating network. In 2013 commissioned a £1m extension of underground mains towards the City Centre and has since connected the Council’s Town House and four other public buildings en-route, while in 2014-2016 we extended the original Stockethill network to a further four blocks of flats and built a new Energy Centre at Tillydrone, to initially supply the multi-storey blocks in that area, but with capacity to extend to the wider Tillydrone area.

Current developments include:

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