Our Vision


Our vision is to deliver affordable, low-carbon warmth to homes and enterprises across Aberdeen through a series of connecting heat networks. We will develop these as standalone, financially viable islands which in time will interconnect to create a city-wide network served by a series of plant rooms. And as we work towards this ultimate goal, we will also help develop new technologies and harness new fuels across AH&P’s plants.

Sustainable energy comprises three dimensions…

Multi-storey buildings in Aberdeen


Our primary purpose as a company is to provide affordable warmth that all citizens can enjoy while always being able to control the environment within their homes. Multi-storey block residents have already enjoyed up to a 40% reduction in heating costs. As residents are able to affordably heat their properties, this not only benefits them in terms of their thermal comfort but also improves the fabric of the buildings in which they live. This has led to an improvement in residents’ health and a reduction in tenancy turnover.

Aberdeen Heat & Power heat network


As part of our long-term strategy, we want to move towards net zero carbon and help address the challenge of climate change. AH&P currently uses gas-fired combined heat and power units to provide low-carbon heat and we also provide low-carbon electricity to some properties, with the remainder exported to the grid. Through the technologies we use, we have already reduced carbon emissions by 40% when measured against the suppliers we have replaced. Our vision is to continuously explore lower-emission solutions with the ultimate goal of implementing zero-carbon technologies. We already capture waste heat from the Linx Ice Arena and deploy thermal storage at our Seaton energy centre, and we will take heat from the Torry energy-from-waste plant. Other technologies we are exploring include heat-from-sewage, hydrogen fuel cells, and anaerobic digestion.

Aberdeen Heat & Power engineer welding pipes


Lower heating bills leave people with more money to spend, and this boosts the local economy across Aberdeen. AH&P also employs five key team members in quality roles, and this number will grow as the company develops. Our activities support many others indirectly along the local supply chain, in particular the engineers and plumbers who install and maintain our pipe networks, plant rooms, and equipment within the homes and buildings we supply.