Stockethill Energy Centre

Stockethill Energy Centrestockethill-inside.preview
CHP Capacity:
210 kWe 300kWth

This was the first project tackled by Aberdeen Heat & Power.  The original scheme at Stockethill Energy Centre supplies 268 domestic dwellings in four blocks of flats, two of which are sheltered accommodation.

The original boiler house at Stockethill contains 2 boilers and one 212kWh generator.  More recently this scheme has dramatically changed through the addition of a larger generator and connection to a further four blocks of flats consisting of 350 flats.  The district heating network is currently being further extended down to the Smithfield and Manor Walk areas where new housing is being connected, along with the refurbished Middlefield Community Project building,  and this is also well positioned for additional hi-rise blocks to be added in the next financial year.

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